The ARGOS Consortium.


PDC and DEMA originally developed the ARGOS system to be used for CBRN(E) Emergency Preparedness and Response. In 2001 the ARGOS Consortium was founded to give other organizations the possibility to use ARGOS and participate in the further development.


The purpose and mission of the ARGOS Consortium is to establish a forum for exchanging knowledge and ideas about the use of ARGOS, and to further develop the system to become the best possible tool for emergency preparedness and response.


The Consortium arranges annual meetings where all members have the opportunity to influence the development of the system. New ideas and cases are discussed and the members decide on which new facilities to develop, which new models to include, etc. This way, the ARGOS Consortium ensures a user driven development of ARGOS.


New members can enter the Consortium and get access to ARGOS license free - but there is an annual member fee that covers future developments and maintenance.


ARGOS integrates and relies heavily on models from several Consortium Partners.


ARGOS supports emergency management organizations in 13 countries covering more than 400 million people worldwide.


When a major disaster happens, we need a solution we can trust! Since 1996 DEMA has used ARGOS in the Danish emergency preparedness and response.

Mr. Steen Hoe from
Danish Emergency Management Agency

The ARGOS project is a huge success for Health Canada. The project reached its goals within allocated time frame and budget. All key objectives for capability were accomplished and the project is well seen by our national and international partners.

Mr. Eric Pellerin from
Radiation Protection Bureau